Wow, well where do I begin?

I have worn glasses for approximately 25 years. I was a huge sufferer with migraines which caused me to have anxiety and this was very stressful for years. While I had my surgery, the staff were brilliant and made me feel at ease.

Since the first day I had my surgery, my anxious feeling has massively decreased. First day I woke up after nights sleep, I felt rather strange knowing I didn’t have a frame on my face, and the ultimate fear in suspense waiting for a migraine to appear. The gut feeling lasted for about 2 weeks. Within all that time I hadn’t had a migraine and haven’t till present day (touch wood).

The healing wasn’t as painful as anticipated and my first initial sight when my eyes fully healed well, words cant express how happy I am and were, it feels like a dream come true, a breathe of fresh air. Vision is excellent, just what I wished for in my childhood years. I literally cried with happiness.

I would definitely recommend Optical Express and the price was 110% worth transforming my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. No money will ever compare the gratitude I have for you guys ! x