I had been wearing glasses for 28 years & contact lenses for 19 years. It all started with a small shortsighted prescription when I was 7 which became a huge -9 prescription during puberty.

Having the surgery done was one of my biggest dream since the very first time I heard about it however I never felt ready for it as I was too scared of the possible complications & side effects.

It took me over 17 years to decide but this year finally I made up my mind. On the day of the consultation I felt I would have been in good hands so I paid my deposit & booked the surgery without hesitations.

Although I was very excited I was also really worried and the weeks following my consultation I was constantly overthinking and panicking about the 0.01% changes of something going wrong however all the staff was always ready to assist me promptly & reassure me by answering all the questions I had .

On the day of my surgery last week I was extremely nervous but there was absolutely no reason for that. As soon as I met the nurse & the surgeon I felt straight away at ease. The lovely nurse on duty came in with me in the treatment room & held my hand while the amazing Dr. Stefan Klopper corrected my vision.

The procedure including the preparation took less than 10 minutes & it was absolutely painless.

As soon as the anesthetic drops worn off (10 minutes after the surgery) my eyes were watery and had a burning sensation for the following 6 hours however it was all very bearable.

My vision gradually improved every couple of minutes and it is getting better & better every day.

At my 1st post-op check up 24 hours after surgery my visions was already highers than the normal driving standards and today at my 2nd post-op check up I have been given the news I never though I would get considering my previous prescription….I now have 20|20 vision & I am over the moon with the life changing decision I made.

Thank you Optical Express for making my dream come true.