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Don’t miss a moment this winter

Join the thousands of people changing their life each year with Optical Express

You could experience the joy of being able to see clearly in the morning from the moment you wake up. You could read or watch television without any effort. Or go for a drive without searching for your glasses – and wear any sunglasses you like at the same time!

… and we haven’t even scratched the surface of how your life could change.

More than 99% of patients achieve 20|20 vision or better following treatment* and said it was one of the best decisions that they have made in their life. Why not make it yours!

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Optical Express are the most reviewed provider of laser eye surgery

What to expect at your consultation

Your consultation at Optical Express is more than just an eye test. One of our very experienced optometrists will carry out a number of steps to evaluate your prescription, eye health and general health. You’ll also be able to discuss your personal requirements, and talk through any concerns you might have.

The consultation will take around 90 minutes. The final results will tell us if you’re suitable for eye surgery and if so, which treatment will be best for you.

  • Meet your patient advisor

    When you arrive at the clinic, you’ll be introduced to your patient advisor, who will explain the different steps involved in the consultation process.

  • Health and lifestyle questionnaire

    You’ll answer a series of questions about your general health and lifestyle choices, so that we’re fully informed about your health and personal circumstances.

  • Advanced optical testing

    You’ll undergo a series of non-invasive diagnostic tests, the results of which are much more advanced than those provided during a standard eye test.

  • Full and thorough examination

    We’ll undertake a series of eye examinations to determine your eye health, natural vision and current prescription.

  • Optometrist recommendation

    Based on the information you have provided and your test results, your optometrist can now determine if you’re suitable for eye surgery.

  • Informed consent video

    You will be shown a video which explains the benefits, potential risks and various outcomes associated with eye surgery.

  • Receive your iScan report

    iScan is a comprehensive diagnostic report which reveals the unique characteristics of your eyes and provides details relating to eye and general health.

  • We answer your questions

    You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions throughout your consultation and we’ll provide you with the information you need to feel completely comfortable with your treatment.

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