Forever losing glasses, oh despair!
Are they on the table or under the chair
Are they on the stand beside my bed?
Of course not, they are on my head.
The time I’ve wasted , over the years
Has been enough to drive me to tears.

But Optical Express you have changed all that for me
Thanks to Lens Replacement Surgery.
Your procedures and treatment are second to none
And your staff so professional, everyone.
Little did I know when I crossed your door,
With your expertise I would need glasses no more.

From the minute I awake I can see,
The time on the alarm clock as clear as can be.
I can go to the steam room in the gym
And recognise my hubby and be sure it’s him.
I take my granddaughter to the swimming pool on my own
And am confident of bringing the right child home.
I can read a newspaper,a book and even knit and sew
I should have had this operation years ago.

So it’s with 20|20 vision this poem I write
Optical Express you’ve changed my life
Nothing more to say, I guess
Other than thank you, Optical Express