Prior to getting Laser Eye Surgery I would wake up in the morning, fumbling around looking for my glasses, sometimes knocking them onto the floor, other times bumping into things, then when I was awake enough I’d put in my contact lenses to finally begin my day. I’d often find that with the contact lenses and the air conditioning in work, that my eyes would be dry and sore by mid-afternoon, but I refused to wear my glasses out in public as I hated how I looked wearing glasses. Nights out were also problematic as I struggled to take out my contacts when I’d get home and once or twice I did wake up the next morning to find that I still had then in.

When I first heard of Laser Eye Surgery I thought “no way am I letting anyone near my eyes with a laser”, but after several work colleagues highly recommended the procedure to me, I finally decided to do a bit more research and booked myself in for a free consultation. I couldn’t get over how quick and straight forward it was…I booked an appointment straight away and had the surgery done a few weeks later!! The procedure itself was so quick and painless, and the team were professional but also really friendly and great at settling my nerves.

The following morning I woke up to the amazing sensation of being able to see and my vision continued to improve over the following week, giving me better than 20|20! The surgery has undoubtedly changed my life; both my confidence and how I see the world have improved dramatically. When I’m out for a walk in the countryside I feel like I have HD vision as I can see every leaf on the trees.

My only regret is not getting the surgery sooner. It’s absolutely spectacular….the best decision of my life!!