I had worn glasses from the age of 12 and by the time I was 29 my vision was quite poor. My prescription read -10.5 in my right eye and -9.5 in my left.

In 2012 I got engaged and I knew that on my wedding day I wanted to be free from my glasses. So I took a trip to the Shaftesbury Avenue branch of Optical Express after work one evening. The team at the Shaftesbury Avenue branch were really friendly and on the day of my surgery.

I got quite teary as I was very nervous. I remember the lady on reception took me to a quiet room to allow me some time to think about if I was sure I wanted to go through with the surgery.

When I felt more at ease and ready, I was taken in and was surprised about how very quick and comfortable the surgery was.

I had Lasek surgery as my prescription was high and so I did spend the next few days in some discomfort but the steroid drops which were provided did help numb the painful moments. I had a slower healing time then was expected and did suffer for the the first year with quite severe dry eye but I was given on-going support along with free eye drops and eye gels and they kept a close monitor on my progress.

My vision has been great since my surgery and I no longer need to use eye drops as my dry eye is pretty much non-existent. A glasses free life has made so many little life experiences that I now take for granted possible like snorkelling with out the worry of losing a contact lens or playing with my niece without worrying about her taking my glasses off to play with which is something my baby brother always used to do.

I also know how much I need to be thankful for choosing Optical Express. I didn’t check the terms and conditions about what would happen if the surgery didn’t produce 20/20 vision immediately and I doubt I would have received the same follow up treatment that I did from Optical Express – it has been above and beyond what I would have expected it to have been.

I don’t regret one bit taking that big step back in 2012 and would recommend Optical Express to anyone thinking of having laser eye surgery.