After wearing glasses and contact lenses since an early age, I took the plunge to find out about laser eye surgery. The early consultations were fantastic and very re-assuring, especially knowing I could back out at any time even under the laser.

Everything including costs and recuperation was discussed and explained and I decided to go ahead with it and excuse the pun, never looked back!

The procedure itself was incredibly quick and as a joke I walked out of the theatre wearing my old glasses to watch my wife’s re-action as I then said “wont be needing these and threw them away!”

That first evening was strange as there was a little discomfort but I suddenly realised I was reading ‘good luck’ texts on my phone without glasses.

Next morning I woke to see the sun starting to glint through the curtains which were incredibly sharp in detail.

I now have the absolute joy of playing golf in the rain, jumping a hot train, swimming or jogging without the need to wipe my lenses.

Please bear in mind I had to put on glasses to see my reflection in the mirror!

It has absolutely changed my life and to anyone thinking of it – Go for it, you wont look back!