I decided to go ahead with laser surgery earlier this year, following a year of struggle with contact lenses.

After nearly 15 years of wearing lenses my eyes became intolerant of them, and not being one for wearing glasses the only way forward was to proceed with the laser surgery.

In all honesty I was very sceptical, to say the least. The thought of going through the treatment gave me sweaty palms to say the least. I did however have numerous discussions with friends / colleagues who could not speak highly enough of the results. The fact that my sister had also signed up and was due to have the treatment a couple of days before mine helped greatly.

Following my original consultation, I was in no doubt that this was for me. The knowledge of the staff was second to none and really put me at ease. The next couple of weeks went by and all i could think about was getting my eye sight back!

The day of the treatment finally arrived and couldn’t have gone more smoothly. As soon as I sat upright in the chair, the difference was incredible. I could see things properly, unaided for the first time since I was nearly 12 years old.

Waking up the following day was when it really sank in. I sat up in bed and was able to read the most minuscule of labels on a bottle of my girlfriends perfume which was sat on the dressing table on the other side of the room. The day before I wouldn’t have even been able to make out the bottle!! It is Just over 4 months now since the treatment and I find that my sight is still getting better.

It is by far the most amazing thing that I have ever done and anybody who is thinking of getting it done, I have only one thing to say, DO IT, you certainly won’t regret it!!