Being in maintenance was a nightmare. Losing or damaging glasses is no more, great vision now thanks to Optical Express.

Now I can do all those tasks that glasses restrict you from. No more steaming up, no more dropping your specs when leaning over, no more reflections of bruises on my nose from bumping my glasses – I could go on forever giving the advantages of having laser surgery.

If you’re fed up with replacing, cleaning and demisting your glasses, go for it – you will never regret making that decision to change you life. Plus it will improve you self esteem and image. A new you.

Great service from first inspection. right up to follow up appointments (Chelmsford ). Procedure was a breeze. I had slightly gritty eyes for a couple of days then wow, great vision. Not half as stressful as dentist. Polite, considerate, informative. Would recommend to anyone wearing specs to go for it, you wont be disappointed.