From start to finish I was well looked after and continually made to feel at ease and reassured. I had pondered laser eye surgery for many years but always been put off by the inevitable scare stories you hear.

I finally plucked up the courage to make an appointment and never looked back.

I was assessed for my suitability by an experienced optician and then walked through my options in a considered and clear manner with no pressure to actually go any further. I was, however, desperate to continue.

We then spoke with the assistant who explained all about the finance package and, to be fair, she bent over backwards to get me the best deal on a manageable repayment scheme. I was also fitted in for the procedure within a fortnight – far quicker than I was anticipating.

I had to use drops for a few days beforehand and then the day came. I was made to feel relaxed throughout and introduced to the surgeon who did the final few checks, including whether I still wanted to go ahead. Consent was thorough and informative. I knew exactly what to expect and before I knew it I was in the chair. I was spoken to throughout the procedure and put at ease. I was amazed how quickly the procedure was from start to finish – just 8 minutes! Even as I opened my eyes straight after I could tell there was an immediate improvement in my sight. As advised I went home to close my eyes and upon waking my vision was even better and continued to improve over the next 48 hours or so.

All my post procedure checks were included and very thorough. I had 20/20 vision from my first check and 1 year on my vision is still perfect.

I’d strongly recommend laser eye surgery to anyone in a similar position to me, and have never looked back. I can now play with my little boy and get fully stuck in without fear of breaking my glasses or losing him in the swimming pool!