I’ve always been a keen runner, and found wearing glasses to be a pain. I never got on with contact lenses, so those were not an option. There was always a need to have presciption sunglasses as well as normal glasses, and usually end up going out for a run wearing the wrong pair. Rain was also difficult to deal with, and rained up glasses made running off-road in wet conditions treacherous.

Cycling was also a problem, as normal glasses don’t adequately protect the eyes from the wind that cycling at speed generates. Also, when looking behind I would look out of the side of my glasses, and so not be able to see anything properly.

Laser eye surgery from Optical Express has changed all that. For three years now I have had perfect distance vision with no post-surgery issues at all. I can run and cycle safely, and wear any sunglasses I choose. I’m even swimming now, and training for triathlons, which was unthinkable before because of my vision.

Overall I’m extremely happy with the service and after care I’ve experienced with Optical Express, and particularly happy about the results.