Even for someone like me with a relatively small short-sight problem (-3.0 on both eyes), the eye surgery completely changed my “view” of the world.

I will not go into great lengths mentioning the obvious, such as seeing clearly when on the beach, or being able to open your eyes under the water without fear of loosing a lens. I will not even mention how much easier it is to ride a motorbike without having to bend your glasses around a full-face helmet.

Instead just let me say that I have spent the first couple of weeks starring at trees, and realising for the first time how many details of the individual leafs I could see. Apparently they are more than a brown truck with some green “stuff” on top.

Out of all the choices I have made having the eye surgery is one I have never second guessed since then.

So… do it! Do it now and you shall discover things you never thought were there.