I had been wearing contact lenses since I was 18 years old (around 7 years) and was starting to find they were causing more and more problems daily.
My eyes were itchy quite often, I was having headaches from sometimes wearing lenses too long (which seemed unavoidable). Simple daily tasks were made more difficult by wearing lenses so much.

After the surgery I couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered. Less than 12 hours of discomfort and my vision was amazing!!

I could watch tv without having to put glasses on, I could drive again without thinking about glasses or lenses, I could wake up in the morning and see the clock on the other side of the room. such little things but make such a huge impact!!

Also the best thing for me was being able to go swimming and not have lenses or prescription goggles or anything on and be able to see. I had been a simmer since I was about 3 years old and loved it but before the surgery it had become a chore because without lenses etc I would get disorientated but with lenses discomfort when goggles leaked. Felt amazing just to get in the pool and see what was going on around me :).

Would recommend to anyone. Best thing I have ever done. Worth every penny !!!