Joshua Teya is no stranger appearing in front of the camera, launching his acting career as a schoolboy by appearing in numerous TV commercials and theatre productions, before performing in a number of short films. Joshua will appear in Netflix series ‘Top Boy’ in 2019.

Joshua found his problems with vision began when he was just 14 years old, “I remember being in my maths class and my teacher asked me to read off the board and I told her I couldn’t see. She thought I was just trying to cause trouble in class but I genuinely couldn’t see!”

Clearly, being able to see as an actor is incredibly important. Fed up with the hassle of glasses and contacts, Joshua decided to take the plunge by attending a free consultation at Optical Express.

“I feel like everyone who wears glasses looks at laser eye surgery briefly at different places. Optical Express has a really good review rate online and people were satisfied with their treatment. Everyone I spoke to online on social media who had surgery at Optical Express gave glowing reviews.”

Before his surgery day, Joshua was naturally nervous. “When I came in, the opticians and the other employees were friendly and it helped calm my nerves. I spoke to the Surgeon and he explained the process completely. It was here I realised that these were the people I wanted to have treatment with.”

Afterwards, how did Joshua feel? “I’m so delighted with the treatment I had! I wasn’t expecting it to be this great.”

Since the surgery, Joshua‘s acting has reaped the rewards: “I don’t have to worry about my eyes getting itchy, or if the lenses are reflecting the lights. All I need to do now is focus on the character and be fully in the moment.”

He’s also found that he can enjoy sports without having to worry about glasses breaking or putting contact lenses in. “Now I have the freedom to do activities spontaneously without having to plan to have enough contact lenses or choosing glasses that would work for the activities I’m doing.”

If, like Joshua, you have considered laser eye surgery but haven’t taken any action as yet, he has some advice. “Have the consultation as it’s free and it will calm your nerves. Speak to the optician who can answer any questions you have, and speak to the surgeon. Once you see the professionalism and how skill they are, it will definitely help. You’ll have the faith that it’s the right choice for you.”