Julie Moore

I’d had contact lenses for ten years, from aged 12! But it had got to the point where I just couldn’t wear them anymore, they were making my eyes sore and I found glasses so uncomfortable.

My cousin had surgery with Optical Express and her results were amazing, so I thought lets give it a go.

I was unimaginably nervous, but, I will NEVER look back, totally amazing!

Within 24 hours I had 20/12 vision and it’s got even better since! I’d always dreamt of being able to wake up and see my partner properly, to wake up and actually see what the weather was like outside, to put my make up on without being so close to the mirror I nearly couldn’t see as I was too close, to go to bed without the huge hassle of sorting my lenses beforehand, or just falling asleep and not waking up with sore eyes.

I could never have imagined how much laser eye surgery would change my life. It’s like living in HHHD+++! Optical Express were so reassuring and talked me through the whole procedure. The most surreal experience of my life, but one of the best. I’m always telling people about my experience and trying to get them to have a consultation.

Thank you so much Optical Express, my eye sight is amazing!!!!