After years of deliberating over the pros and possible cons of having laser eye surgery, I finally booked a consultation. My husband had laser surgery two years before this and even though he was over the moon with his result, it still took me all that time to pluck up the courage.

The consultation went well, I asked lots of questions and was told that they could fit me in really quickly. Perfect for me, as it gave me little time to fret about it!

On the day of the surgery, I was well looked after, given time to ask any last minute questions and put at ease by the lovely surgeon. He talked me through it, each step of the way, so I knew what to expect. There was absolutely no pain and the immediate after care was brilliant. My daughter and son-in-law came to pick me up and they were brought through to me in the post-op room to listen to the after-care instructions. I donned my sunglasses and off we went! I was told to expect my eyes to run quite a lot, so I just laid down with the goggles on when we got back home and had a ‘nap’ for a couple of hours. It was very exciting to wake up and look out of the window and to be able to see for miles without glasses!

The next day, I popped back in to Optical Express for the check-up and everything was fine. It was no problem to wear the goggles at night during the healing process and the difference between wearing glasses and not, has been great! No more indentations in the sides of my nose, no more steaming up when coming in from the cold, no more problems getting contact lenses out when you want to have long fingernails, no problems when swimming, and being able to wear ordinary sunglasses in the summer!

I do need to wear reading glasses for very small print, especially in a bad light, but I don’t mind this at all. I’d much rather it was this way round than having to wear glasses all the time. Also, my eyes have always been on the dry side (apparently I don’t blink fully), and they can still get quite dry, but it’s nothing that a few eye drops now and again can’t fix.

All in all, it’s been well worth it and I’m so glad I had it done.