I finally had my eye surgery on the 28th of February 2014! The scariest but best day ever.

I was very nervous as I did a lot of research for over a year and finally decided that I was ready. I even shed few tears before my surgery. When I finished all my mum could see was a big massive smile from ear to ear knowing that it all was successful and that I could see with no more hassle on putting on contacts again.

I used glasses from when I was roughly 11 years of age until 15 then I started using contacts. I truly have to say that if you are considering doing a laser treatment, I recommend it 100% and it shall be the beginning of a happy life – no struggle, no hassle, no more “oh I ran out of eye solution” or “oh my eyes are too dry after a long day!”

Since February (now it’s September) I still think I have contacts on! That’s how amazing my eyes are and I have been told I can see 20/20.

I can now wake up every morning and see what is happening around me and actually see who is waking me up sometimes 🙂 Truly I can say that this is the best that I have ever done!

Thank you Optical Express for this great opportunity! ^_^