I wish I had this done years ago!!!

From the age of 18 I wore glasses and put this down to a lot of reading and studying over the years. When I began enjoying a variety of sports in my early 20’s I found wearing glasses a real pain so decided to get lenses.

Although this was better I still had a lot of discomfort – falling asleep with them in was never pleasant nor was the dry eyes, getting them stuck and the cleaning processes too.

I decided to have a consultation at Bluewater but always nervous about laser eye surgery I’d always considered it but didn’t think I could pluck up the courage. I found the staff very informative and reassuring and the array of messages on the notice board from those who’d had the procedure encouraged me to take the plunge. I booked up for the following week. I was so nervous on the day but was in and out of the store within 30 minutes. My recovery was good and the store were always on hand for follow up advice.

The result – better than 20/20 vision. It’s incredible and I only wish I’d signed up years ago. No more scrambling around for lenses anymore – to wake up in the morning and see everything crystal clear is the best feeling in the world when you have had years of wearing glasses and contact lenses. Participating in sports like netball, skiing, running and swimming without the need for glasses or lenses is simply incredible.

I fully recommend having this done – don’t delay any further and the staff at Optical Express will allay any fears you may have.