I went to Optical Express on a whim just to get an idea of whether laser eye surgery was even possible. I had a really helpful consultation which ended (without any pressure) with me being booked in for one of the rare Sunday appointments for surgery – not missing out on any time at work was a clincher for me as I’m a contractor and it costs me real money!

On the day of the appointment, the staff in the centre was professional and courteous. I was aware I was in the very best of hands, and after a short wait the surgery was minutes long. The results were startling, almost disorientatingly good! I could see as well as I could previously with my glasses on instantly, and after I returned home and had a short nap, my vision was pretty much perfect!

The aftercare has been very good. I get the feeling that I was lucky to not suffer badly from dry eyes (though I have been following the follow up drop regieme religiously) and I would strongly recommend the whole experience to anyone.