For many years I had wanted to have laser treatment so that I could do away with my contact lenses and glasses. My husband was very against it arguing  ‘why have any non essential surgery?’ and ‘what if it goes wrong?’

As my tolerance of contact lenses grew worse and worse and I found myself wearing glasses 95% of the time which was very difficult for playing sport or even wearing my favourite sunglasses. Eventually I said that I was going to look into it again.

When I went for my initial consultation in Northampton I had never heard of lens replacement. As soon as they explained the process, the pro’s and cons etc I knew it was for me. Surprisingly my husband said ‘if that is what you want then go for it’. When I phoned to say that I wanted to go ahead I felt very, very nervous but when I arrived on the day I was totally calm and not worried in the slightest.

The whole procedure was so fast and totally painless I couldn’t believe it was done (just the one eye as this is what happens with lens replacement). That night I went to the theatre (albeit with a patch over my treated eye) and the next day the patch was removed. In my bathroom I slowly (and nervously removed the patch). I blinked a couple of times, shut one eye, then the other and shouted. ‘Oh my god I can see’ When I turned around my husband and daughter’s were watching me from my bedroom, smiling from ear to ear and my daughter with a tear in her eye.

I looked past them and could see the numbers on the bedside clock. The colours that I could see in my treated eye were so much more vibrant than before (and the other eye). It was like seeing something in colour for the first time. When I went along the following week for the second eye to be done, I was not nervous and very excited to be on the way to having perfect and permanently good vision. I followed all of the instructions re the eye drops etc and had no problems.

Today, almost a year on I am absolutely loving the freedom that I now have.

Thank you Optical Express xx