I have worn glasses for 43 years and when I was little I was bullied and ridiculed for wearing them. My work was affected by them and if they got broken I could not see. I have saved and saved and finally was able to have the treatment.

After my first was done I cried as I could read and watch the television. When my second eye was done my emotions were all over the place as for the first time in my life I could see on my own without anything on my eyes.

My confidence has gone so much better and I now walk out with my head held high. I can read the smallest of print and see who is in the distance, I can read in the bath see the shampoo and conditioner which I had to put in a certain order before. I have no steaming up when walking into warm rooms and can now put my make up on.

The difference in my family life is amazing. I can see small print on packets and play with my little boy and grandson without fear of my glasses getting damaged. I feel like a normal person who has the pleasure and delight of seeing everything at its best.

I have no worries any more of my eyes going worse which they would have done and also maybe getting cataracts. Optical express have changed my life. The surgeon was the best and every member of staff made me feel special and I trust them all.

I tell everyone I’ve had it done and would advise anyone who wants it doing to go for it as my life is now better then before as I can see I have now.

Been given the gift of full 20|20 vision!