Project Description


Laser Eye Surgery patient

Music Producer, Cambridge

Thanks to laser eye surgery Andy has 20|20 vision and now has no problem getting his ‘eye in’.

“I’m a keen sportsman – I love football, swimming and cricket. I’m a batsman and I’ve found the biggest impact from laser eye surgery has been on my cricket performance.

Before, it was difficult to see what I was doing half the time and as you can imagine, my teammates were less than impressed. But glasses and contact lenses just weren’t an option. I found them to be really uncomfortable and they irritated my eyes. Late night driving was also an issue for me. It was common to see glare from lights and sometimes it was difficult to make things out or see what was happening up ahead.

Having waited until my mid-thirties to have treatment, I really wish I’d done it sooner. It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but I look back and think of all the time spent thinking about it and building up the courage to do it. I’d definitely say to anyone considering it, to just do it. You definitely won’t regret it.”

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