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Laser Eye Surgery patient

Anthony Hay is an Assistant Sports Editor

Anthony talks about his laser eye surgery experience.

“For as long as I can remember, football has been my life’s passion – I live and breathe Manchester United! Contact lenses helped me watch, referee and play but they also brought a lot of hassle. Since having laser eye surgery, I feel like I can play to the the best of my ability and contacts are one less thing to faff around with pre-match.

Away from the game, I’m a sports journalist. The job is very demanding and working in London comes with a healthy social life – I like to work hard and play hard! There were times when I’d wear contacts all day, find myself at impromptu post-work drinks and then end up having to leave my contacts in overnight (and every contact wearer knows what a big no-no this is).

Both my Dad and Uncle had their eyes lasered with Optical Express and I guess seeing the change in them, spurred me on to go for it. When I heard first hand that it was relatively straightforward and the results were pretty much immediate, I was sold. Football is more than just a game to me, it’s about the feelings it brings. And there’s no greater feeling being part of a team or cheering your squad on without anything holding you back.”

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