Project Description


Laser Eye Surgery patient

Sales Manager, Worthing, East Sussex

“Before I had my treatment I was long sighted, so seeing at a distance wasn’t a problem, for me the issue was seeing things close-up.

My glasses were mainly for reading and driving but I’d often forget to take them with me on nights out (just another extra thing for your handbag!) and I’d find myself having to ask friends and family to read menus to me when dining out.

On holiday, I couldn’t even sit on the beach and read a book wearing my sunglasses. And when you’re away you just want to relax, not faff around with contact lenses and plan your day around them. Eye make-up and false eye lashes were also a no go – there wasn’t really much point when glasses were in the way. Since having treatment, it’s one less thing to worry about and I can get on with my life and enjoy my holidays to the fullest.”

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