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Robin Galloway

Lens Replacement Surgery patient

Robin Galloway is a Scottish radio and TV broadcaster, currently working for Heart Scotland. He is also a freelance voice over agent.

Robin Galloway talks about his lens replacement surgery experience.

Scottish Radio Presenter Robin Galloway Discusses His Lens Surgery Experience

I needed reading glasses and looked into going down the implant route. It really scared me! The thought of having my lens taken out and replaced with a synthetic one…

Once I had the procedure on the first eye, everything went amazingly well. When I took off the eye patch, I had the clearest, clearest sight I’ve had from as far back as I can remember. I bounded back into Optical Express to get the second eye done, and if I’d had 3 eyes I’d have got that one done as well!

It’s amazing and has really worked well – I’m delighted at the outcome, and delighted I went to Optical Express. It’s a no brainer to get lens replacement.

Thank you, Optical Express – and amazing experience!”

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