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Cataract patient

Sally Cross, Business Owner, Brighton

Thanks to vision correction, Sally reads more thrillers and can’t put her tablet down!.

“One of my friends had lens replacement surgery and when I spoke to him about it, he answered my questions and encouraged me to do it. After having treatment I remember being at home in bathroom and taking the patch over my eye off.

I felt so nervous and excited and as I peeled it off, I just could not believe it. I was stood in front of my mirror looking at myself and it was so bright, so clear – it was just amazing!

The biggest benefit of having treatment is that I no longer need glasses to read my phone or tablet. ‘Freedom’ is the best word to describe it, just to be able to see. I shamefully admit I’m addicted to my phone but I had no chance of seeing the screen without my specs so I always had to keep them close by, or, indeed on my face! When it came to reading my favourite literature on my tablet, often I’d fall asleep on my pillow and wake to find I’d damaged my frames and I could never get them back to how they should be. I love it that those days (and trips to the optician) have gone.

Just as one of my friends recommended it to me, I’d say the same thing to anyone who is in the same position I was in: go for it. The results are fantastic, it takes hardly any time at all and the recovery is practically instant. I’m so pleased I had it done, I’ve no regrets whatsoever. It’s truly the best thing I’ve ever done.”

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