I’d worn glasses since I was 7 and contacts since I was 13. I was never happy with either; I found glasses restrictive and when I started wearing contacts I seemed to be in a constant battle to stop them drying out.

As my eyesight deteriorated year on year, I felt genuinely disoriented in the few seconds before I scrabbled for my glasses each morning. I couldn’t see the labels in the shower. The thought of losing my glasses or contacts on a holiday would have meant an expensive opticians trip at best… a flight home at worst. In short, I felt like my poor eyesight was a hindrance to me living the life I wanted to live.

I finally decided to book my consultation with Optical Express in December 2012. From the moment I arrived I felt instantly put at ease; the specialists at the surgery clearly understood that many would be anxious about the procedure. I was pleasantly surprised at the price and range of payment options and, having asked every conceivable question, booked in for Intralase surgery with Wavefront.

The surgery itself was a genuinely positive experience. The pre-consultation with the surgeon allowed me to ask any last questions, whilst the scans and Wavefront procedures were reassuringly thorough. As for the surgery itself, I still can’t believe how quick and painless it was. I sat up in the chair after around ten minutes and could feel a change already.

I arrived home and headed straight to my darkened room. You’re supposed to sleep but I was too intrigued to do so. I lay back and listened to the radio, somehow aware that even the darkness seemed clearer. Every time I walked to the bathroom I could see the shampoo bottles a little clearer. By morning I was sure that I could see them better than I had even with glasses on.

As I headed into town the next morning for my first follow-up appointment, I could see perfectly. It was a complete revelation and I felt grateful. As for any discomfort, my eyes felt dry but not painfully so. The drops I received helped relieve this, although after a couple of weeks I found them unnecessary.

It’s been exactly two years since I had my surgery. My vision is 20/16 (better than 20/20). I lead a more active life than I ever have, running in the rain, swimming in the sea and staying out late without worrying about my contacts drying out or my glasses getting crushed.

Getting laser eye surgery with Optical Express was the best decision I ever made. My only regret is not getting it sooner! If you’re considering it, I can’t recommend it highly enough.