I have to say it was the best money I have ever spent. I use to have to wear very strong glasses for long and close vision. I constantly knocked into walls and bumped my nose. I worked as a carer for a Severe Dementia home, so washing and showering residents was a nightmare with steaming up glasses and them grabbing them off my face.

I firstly asked about laser just to help me. But then they told me about the lens replacement and the cost was hardly any different. I agreed and had it done.

Well, it is truly amazing. I was so impressed, with my results that I told my sister in law and she also had it done with her friends and we are all still raving about it.

I cannot tell enough people how life changing it has been for me. I have recently had my left eye lasered, just as a top up under the same cost, My first appointment was nearly two years ago, so that goes to show you how wonderful Optical Express are and honest they are with the after care.

I have to say anyone haven’t thoughts of having it done should just go for it. It is life changing, I hated wearing glasses with a passion and it has made me feel 10 years younger….