I was given glasses at the start of secondary school. I hated wearing them and, while I was bullied about having four eyes and being fat, I started to hide behind them. I stopped looking after myself while the other girls wore make up I thought it was pointless as no one would see behind my glasses.

I started looking into laser eye surgery when I was 18 as I had a part-time job but, as my eyes were so bad even with my money, I couldn’t afford it. I put it off until I was 25 and met the love of my life – my husband. I explained how I felt about my glasses and how I was scared that if I had the procedure my eyes would get worse or I would go blind.

We went to Bluewater and went into Optical Express. The consultation was so quick and easy. The people were kind and understanding and explained everything in such detail that I felt it was the right thing to do. The cost plan was tailored to my lifestyle so it wasn’t so out of reach.

The procedure itself was quick and pain-free and the freedom I felt when I could throw my glasses away was incredible. The first thing I did was buy cheap fashionable sunglasses as it was something I always wanted and couldn’t have. That day it was raining but I still wore them to the car as the satisfaction of being able to be normal outweighed looking a little bit daft.

How has laser eye surgery changed my life? Well, to start off with I am no longer overweight. When I lost my glasses I started to get my self-confidence back and started to look after myself including eating right and exercising. I am able to swim and see which is something so many people take for granted but when I was wearing glasses I either had to wear a pair in and have the worry that they would break or fall off. I could never dive under the water or play with my children in the pool.

It was also a relief as I have epilepsy and I have no warning when I fit so not having glasses means when they do occur I don’t have to worry about replacing broken glasses or nursing my scratched up face.

Lastly, when I wake up in the morning I can turn over and see my husband straight away. I had never seen him properly asleep as by the time I learned over to get my glasses he was awake and it much more romantic in the adult department to not have to stop kissing to take your glasses off.

Having laser eye surgery has transformed my life, health and well being and I recommend it to all my friends and family. I now have better eye sight than my husband which does make me laugh. The follow up care was also second to none.

Thank you Optical Express.