I am a keen sportsman and my vision was deteriorating so that it affected my performance, particularly when playing football under floodlights.

I had laser surgery earlier this year, and on the 7th June won the Seniors Football World Cup in Sa Kaeo. My greatly improved vision was a major factor in the confidence I felt in my performance, as well as being able to enjoy the fantastic scenery around the Thai/Cambodian border where the tournament was held. It was a delight to be able to wear sunglasses and still be able to see, without having to change between my prescription glasses and sunglasses.

My day job is as a college lecturer, and my enhanced vision is a benefit when addressing students in large lecture theatres and means I spend a lot less time frowning and squinting. This has resulted in fewer headaches and generally reduced the stress in my life. The added bonus of seeing my beautiful daughter clearly is another ingredient to the improved quality of life that laser surgery has given me.