I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses since I was 13 years old and decided after 23 years to take the plunge and book in for a consultation.

As soon as I arrived I felt comfortable and reassured by all of the staff I met that day.  All the staff came across extremely professional and friendly.  Every scan I had was explained in detail and my results spoken through so I understood what they were looking for and why I would need the treatment I had.  Luckily I managed to book my surgery in within two weeks; being a nurse I eyeball (excuse the pun) every detail and looked online at numerous reviews to ease my mind.

I arrived on my surgery day and was greeted again by very friendly staff, I was shown through to a waiting area where we all started talking about the surgery.  I recommend anyone going for surgery to chat to those waiting as time flew and it was comforting knowing we all felt the same.  Soon enough it was my turn to go in for the surgery, it was as quick and as pain free as everyone had told me.  As I was nervous I asked for someone’s hand to hold and one of the members of staff held my hand through the procedure – to be honest I didn’t need this as there was nothing to worry about.  The surgeon spoke through what he was doing step by step and before I knew it it was over….the best bit…..I sat up and I could see without my glasses, all be it a little bit hazy but I could see without contacts or glasses (yippee).  I was lead through to the ‘resting’ room where a member of staff went through my after care and my follow up appointment was booked for the following day. Four days later and it is the best thing I have ever one!

(Thank you to everyone at Optical Express at Havell house and the people I spoke to at the call centre)