Stephen came to Optical Express for mono-focal lens replacement surgery and has been amazed at how quickly he saw results – instantly!

“That’s what I wanted and exactly what I got.” Stephen said. “I was quite surprised as soon as I took the dressing off my eyes; I was amazed how good they were. I expected it would be bad for a little while initially but it was great.”

Stephen first noticed problems with his sight in February 2018. By September/October, it had grown considerably worse. “It started to make my job quite difficult as I drive a lot. So I came to Optical Express for a quick resolution and ended up having surgery.”

The surgery has had an immediate positive impact on Stephen’s life. “It’s helped me do my job so much better, I can read things now and see things on a computer screen that I couldn’t see before. Driving in and out of work is a pleasure now instead of being a bit of a challenge.”

Ironically, Stephen went on a long holiday to America before he underwent his treatment at Optical Express – but didn’t see much of it due to his poor vision. “We’re going to go back next year and I’m going to go see more. Going to places like Grand Canyon, it makes a big difference when you can see! I’m also going to treat myself to proper sunglasses, too. “

Stephen was really impressed by both Optical Express staff and his Surgeon. “The staff have been excellent. I was absolutely amazed at how friendly they are. They can’t do enough for you, answer any questions and they are always available to speak to.

The Surgeon was also excellent. He was so professionally and even rang me before my surgery where we spoke for 30 minutes. I met him on the day of the surgery for another chat – he explained everything and I felt completely at ease with everything he was going to do. He checked in with me the next day to check everything was okay.”

Stephen speaks highly of his experience of his surgery at Optical Express. “If anyone is in my position I was in and wants a quick and satisfactory result, the key thing is how impressively Optical Express moves. If they wanted and needed results quickly, I’d say go for it.”