I had a great experience and great outcome with Optical Express. I recently had lens replacement surgery in both eyes and I am glasses free after 15+ years of inconvenience and expense. Like most people, I had concerns about the procedure and results before I had my first consultation. But as soon as I met with the team in St. Albans they explained everything clearly and simply and set realistic expectations as to what could be achieved (which they exceeded by the way).

All of the paperwork, consent forms and so on were very clear and easy to understand. ¬†There were plenty of efficient exams and tests along the way, involving a discipline of different people to ensure nothing was missed or left to chance. The procedures themselves were very efficient and painless and had almost immediate results. The follow up has been fantastic with all of my layman’s questions being answered clearly. My biggest problem is having to remind myself how bad my vision was as the brain quickly adapts to seeing everything as fresh and new! It is definitely worthwhile and I would heartily recommend Optical Express.