Susan H Holloway

Before I had my laser eye surgery at Optical Express, my vision was very poor.  I dreaded leaving my glasses somewhere.  If I couldn’t remember where I had put them then I simply couldn’t see to find them again!

We were recommended to Optical Express by a friend who had received successful treatment and decided to give it a go.  From start to finish the procedure was handled in a completely professional, patient and understanding manner by all the staff.  I was allowed to trial mono-vision lenses and given suitable eye lotions to put my eyes in the best possible condition for surgery.  At every step of the way I felt confident in the hands of the optometrists and, with hindsight, I would not have chosen any other organisation than Optical Express.  They understood my needs and met them fully.

To say the surgery has changed my life is no understatement.  With unaided vision I can see beautifully clearly and carry on all my hobbies and interests knowing that the trust I put in Optical Express has far surpassed my expectations.  No more fumbling around for my glasses!