Timothy Chow

20|20 and more!

I now have better than 20|20 vision, thanks to laser eye surgery. I have been wearing glasses for the last ten years, it was always an issue when doing sports and going to the cinema to watch 3D movies. It feels like I had it done a long time ago even though it has only been 7 months! Life feels so much easier without having to worry about taking your glasses on and off when going to bed, in the shower and other activities. Also one less worry about damaging your glasses, getting spare pairs, renewing prescriptions and so on.

Laser Surgery did not even cross my mind the last few years and it only came up as I saw the advert on the website which is when I first filled in the form and got a phone call to arrange an appointment. I was met with friendly staff at the branch that I went to, discussed my options, and procedure processes, plus payment options too.

I then went ahead with the booking and the whole procedure with iDesign iLASIK was over in about 10-15minutes – if that. Procedure went very smoothly, went home to rest for the night. And I had perfect vision for the first time the next morning without glasses. It really is an eye opener. I now look forward to life without glasses.

Thanks Again Optical Express!