My name is Valerie and I am nearly 70.  My story started when my husband was very interested in more information about eye surgery in 2014.  He had been wearing glasses for ten years and hated them.  He was keen to book me an appointment at the same time as my optician could not get my contact lenses to suit my requirements – although I had worn lenses for over 36 years.

She suggested it was now time to go to glasses.  I was absolutely devastated at the very thought but could not envisage me having anything done to my eyes.  However my husband booked us both a consultation and I was horrified and gave him hell for several days.  Well I agreed to go for the consultation to keep him happy and we were both advised to have multifocal lenses.  Still not sure if I would consider the surgery or not we sat in the waiting room before I agreed to sign up for the procedure.

On my way home I still wondered if this was right as I had been so adamant not to have anything to do with this.  After our consultation at Harley Street we were given our operation date at Chelmsford.  When the day arrived I was excited but still anxious and still not sure if I would back out; no way could I see myself going ahead although I did not say anything to my husband.  I was first to go and I was introduced to the surgeon and he was very reassuring and put no pressure on me in any way and all the staff were very supportive also.

Well I did go ahead much to my surprise and when they told me it was all over after about twenty minutes I was amazed.  I hadn’t felt a thing. I went back to recovery for a cup of tea while my husband had his done.  We then headed home, he had patch over his right eye and me with my left.  Next day we had our check up and was told we could now drive.  They fitted a contact lens in the other eye which was removed a week later when we both had our other eye done.

Well this has really changed my life and I only wish I’d had it done years ago. Because we don’t have to wear glasses at all any more.  Although at the time I found it hard to justify the cost I am so glad I let my head rule my heart and not my bank balance.  It definitely was the best decision I have ever made and I am so proud of myself as I am so afraid of doctors, dentists etc.