I found everyday life was OK with varifocal glasses. However, keeping them clean, misplacing them and the annual expense of a new pair was a chore. Also I am a keen ‘flat-green’ bowler and found it difficult to judge distances (essential for bowling) when I bent over to bowl. A friend (also a bowler) who had already had Lens Replacement Surgery was so enthusiastic about it that I decided to find out about it.

I went to my local Optical Express where I was given all the relevant information, shown a DVD of what was entailed. The staff were so very obliging, not in the least pushy and there was certainly no ‘Hard Sell’ involved and I felt confident enough to go to the next step and have an initial examination to check if I was a suitable candidate for treatment.

From there things moved quite quickly, appointments were made, additional checks done and before I knew it one eye was sorted with no trouble, no pain and the procedure carried out in less than half an hour. The next eye was done the following week and went almost as well, it did leave me with a bloodshot eye, but within five days it was back to normal.

I could see to read small print within a couple of days, although, because the world was a much brighter place, I did need to wear sun glasses even on overcast days.

Over the next few weeks my distance vision improved on a daily basis and within a fortnight of my first eye being done I was passed OK for driving. After another few weeks I had better than 20 -20 vision and now after 6 -7 months I have no problems with glare. I don’t even think about my eyes anymore and best of all I’m bowling better than ever (at least I think so).

To sum up, the treatment was quick, friendly and painless. The results fantastic and to go ahead with the procedure was probably one of the best decisions I have or will ever make.